Bellerbys College has been a famous school of UK from many years ago

Bellerbys College has been a famous school of UK from many years ago, located in four headquarters: Oxford, London, Brighton and Cambridge. This is advantage for many international students who want to study at this school.

Every year, this school is received many registration of people. This proves that Bellerbys College is believed by many students and parents.

The learning program of Bellerbys College is very variety, including many of various programs such as: Pre – GCSE &one year GCSE with A Level, GCSE Pathway Program with A Level, A Level, Foundation Program, Pre – Master Program…

This school also training many different subjects: Architecture, design, business, finance & management, chemical engineering, computer science, psychology, sociology, criminology, media, law, politics, international relations, computing, gaming, advertising, journalism, public relations, biomedical science, genetics, environmental science… so any one can register to study at this school with their hobby and passion.

This school has equipped with modern equipment of education, with an excellent teacher staff who are rich in experience to teach, student will be had the best learning environment. Student is also not to worry about this. However, you need prepare carefully the knowledge and the skills to learning programs at this school.

Every year, there are more than 50% students are achieved a high effect and passed the examinations and admitted into famous universities, especially is top 15 best and famous universities of UK.

Student can stay at home stay or employ pension and share with classmates or some people who you like and can to live together.

Total of cost depend on each different learning programs: English program is £7580, Pre – GCSE: £6 100, the first year of university: £5 530 and Pre – master: £5 130.

Out of the major learning and training programs, Bellerbys College organizer many extracurricular activities and has established many various clubs for student who have occasion to exchange experiences and knowledge with others.