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On the first moments of study abroad in France

On the first moments of study abroad in France, most of overseas students are still like a fish out of water. You ought to prepare many of procedures, various administrative formalities. Moreover, you have to purchase belongings and many of different instruments … The following are mostly works that you need to do when you […]

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The emergence of “White Student Union” Facebook groups claiming links

The emergence of “White Student Union” Facebook groups claiming links to more than 30 universities has caused alarm among students and education officials, although the authenticity of many of the pages is being questioned. None of the groups have been sanctioned by the universities, and some, including those claiming affiliation with Princeton, the University of […]

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Tougher evaluations for teachers

Less than a year ago, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York proclaimed that the key to transforming the state’s education system was tougher evaluations for teachers, and he pushed through changes that increased the weight of student test scores in teachers’ ratings.     FROM OUR ADVERTISERS Now, facing a parents’ revolt against testing, […]

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Students New Zealand like Wellington Institute of Technology

Wellington Institute of Technology is a public school. It was found by New Zealand, located in 21 Kensington Avenue, Petone. It takes from 15 minutes from Petone Station. This school is famous with an excellent teaching staff, are professions and scholars in their fields. There are almost 11.000 students enroll and register to Wellington Institute […]

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Shelton College International in Singapore

Shelton College International was established in 1993. This private school is an famous school in Singapore, achieved a high standard of education and was recognized by Singapore Private Education Council. Habitat This school located in 1 TelokBlangah Rise, Singapore with large-scale about 20 to 25 people per class. Shelton provides a high and the best […]

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Welcome to Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington was founded in 1989, located in Wellington, New – Zealand. It is famous by as one of best long-standing universities of New-Zealand. It was evaluated one of the most prestigious higher institutions of this wonderful city. Today, Victoria University of Wellington has total more than 21.000 students and there are more […]