On the first moments of study abroad in France

On the first moments of study abroad in France, most of overseas students are still like a fish out of water. You ought to prepare many of procedures, various administrative formalities. Moreover, you have to purchase belongings and many of different instruments … The following are mostly works that you need to do when you have come to France:


The first is opening a banking account. This is the first important to do due to unless of opening banking account, you can’t do any trading. You have to go to bank to open an account. You come to welcome department (accueil), they will say what do you want? Let offer them that you want to open an account (compte). Then, they will give you a letter of rendezvous, you must to find responsible to exchange about procedures. Nearly all banks request your contract of hiring pension, passport, so that you keep in mind to take them with you. After further exchanged with responsible, they will sent to you a letter to examiner your address, you must to resend to them after close examination. And then your account will be activated and you can deposit money to your account.However, this procedure takes about one to two weeks (free). So opening a baking account is the first important that you ought to do when you have come to French.

Note: When you come to bank to do this, you should accompany with your friend or relative, who good at speak France to translate for you if you have not understand yet.

After closed opening baking account, if you want to have cheque, you can ask reception. This is also free.

The following, you have to do subscriber identity module (SIM). After from 1 to 2 weeks of closed opening bank account, you can access to website of phone companies that you prefer to subscribe to the SIM. You have to fill in website’s request your information. Generally, cost of SIM is about 5€, after finished registration procedure, it takes about a week to get SIM.

In France, there are many specialize company of subscription with many of different fare levels, so you can choose any subscription that you prefer and more suitable. Everyone usually register to use free telephone network due to forfeit is about 2€ but you can free call by 2H and unlimited to send messages and without 3G.

If you want to use 3G, you can register to use subscription pack with 19.99€. This pack has 3GB that you can use 3G and free sms.

One of obligated things to do when you have come in French it’s doing OFIL. You will bư received the documents of procedure to do OFIL from France embassy at your country when you come there to get Visa. You’ll have to buy stamp at prefecture in the region where you’ll live. It spends about 50€. After further, you must to send it with documents of OFIL and waiting to receive letter of rendezvous to do other procedures.


Note: Keep your mind that you should go there early to wait. Due to at opening hours, everyone will be crowded and you will be waiting so long.

When you go to a medical examination, they will ask you to x-rays,next they will thoroughly examine, measure height and weight, eye measurement … After further, they will ask about your health condition, they must to know about your illness, they also ask that you have injected enough vaccines, or not.

Following that, you ought to sign in school.When schools open registration, you should reserve the time to sign up and register transport. You need to prepare your identity photo size 3.5×4.5, enter your name and date of birth on the back of your photo (to make student card). Registration fare level depends on hierarchy that you register. Generally in university level, registration fee is 293€ (including insurance fee).

After registration to do transport at school where you sign in, you must to go to station to do carte transport. Let go to receive department to ask the procedure and record to do carte transport for student. You have to fill your information in the record and do requirements of that record and send (fee is charged on zone). You will be received a carte transport after 2 weeks.

You should to upload caf document as soon as you sign a contract of hiring pension. Processing will be spends a lot of time due to crowed quantity of caf document. It is about 1 to 2 months at least, even a year. So you should to do this as early as possible.

If it spends already past time but you still not received caf, it’s highly probable that you missed some documents. You should to go to ask because of not any notify from theirs. Cost of doing caf is equal ½ of your cost of hiring pension.