Shelton College International in Singapore

Shelton College International was established in 1993. This private school is an famous school in Singapore, achieved a high standard of education and was recognized by Singapore Private Education Council.


This school located in 1 TelokBlangah Rise, Singapore with large-scale about 20 to 25 people per class. Shelton provides a high and the best reputable education quality of Singapore with many various and advanced training programs, English courses…

The main training programs of this private school are IGCSE high school, Singapore– Cambridge GCE A-level, Singapore – Cambridge GCE O – level.

Shelton are attractive by thousands peoples who register to study every year. Inside that, the numbers of international students is rather crowded. It’s about approximately 30 percent.

Shelton College International is equipped with full of material facilities, convenience, has laboratories, library, auditorium… with an excellent teacher staff who have deep knowledge and they are very enthusiasm, the learning programs provide full of knowledge for people and orient for their future.

Furthermore, Shelton College International has a boarding area what advantage for people may be stay and more easier to study. People can register to stay there during on whole time of study. This is best advantage for international students.

Total of tuition fee is about 16.000 SGD per year, not including other cost such as cost of living, fee of insurance…

Moreover, this private school has many extracurricular activities for people and has established many clubs such as arts clubs, sport clubs, academic clubs… and also organizer extracurricular activities for people, for example: camping, picnic… what create conditions foe exchanges, and learn for experiences and knowledge… and promoting contemporary the ability of students through the sports such as football, volleyball, dance sport…

After finished whole learning programs in Shelton College International, people would be get into the famous and high-ranking universities and colleges in Singapore.