Welcome to Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington was founded in 1989, located in Wellington, New – Zealand. It is famous by as one of best long-standing universities of New-Zealand. It was evaluated one of the most prestigious higher institutions of this wonderful city.

Today, Victoria University of Wellington has total more than 21.000 students and there are more than 3.000 international students among them. It has two major training programs are tertiary education and MSc program with many various subjects: faculty of architecture and design, faculty of education, faculty of engineering, faculty of graduate research, faculty of humanities and social sciences, faculty of law, faculty of science and so on.

This university linked closely with global about education and training programs what has nation and international scale.

With an excellent education quality was evaluated by number of Councils, Associations and Organizations, Victoria University of Wellington is proud of what bring to student a good environmental science.

By advantage position, excellent traditional education, full of equipment and materiel facilities, this university is attracted by many student and parents who enrolled and want to register for study.


Cost for study at Victoria University of Wellington:

Tuition fees (according to each subject):

For Pre-University: about $12.650 NZ per year

For BA program: over $20.000 NZ per year

For MA program: over $24.000 NZ per year

Cost of living approximately $19.000 NZ per year.

Moreover, input condition asked both graduated high school and English level (Obligatory IELT from 6.0 to 6.5)

This university also organizer many activities and events for students such as Just lose it – Healthy style, managing anxiety, weekly meditation class… sport activities, dance sport…

Student may be stay at dormitory, homestay or sharing with other friends and classmates.